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Zambezi Roofing & Steel is the proud owner of a State of the Art Light Steel Framing Machine.  This machine is the most advanced in Zambia and is able to produce framing up to 15m wide and up to 3 Storey's high.

Homes Built with Steel are Better Looking and provide Faster Construction and Safer Environments.

Download our LSF - Light Steel Frame®™ Brochure here

Light Gauge Steel Framing is fast becoming the best and most feasible alternative to traditional building methods.  The reason Steel is coming to the forefront of mid rise Commercial and Residential construction is that it is a versatile material with many hidden benefits

The Pro’s and Con’s of Steel Framed Buildings:

Termite Proof – Zambia is home to aggressive Termites and other wood boring insects.  Steel Frames are immune to this.  Steel is classified as a Termite resistant material.  You do not have to use physical or chemical termite barriers which could represent a health hazard.

Cost Effective – Steel Frames are extremely cost effective and are comparative to equivalent Timber trusses.  In addition to this the Steel Frames are much quicker to manufacture, assemble and erect on your building saving you time – your most important asset.

Fire Safety – Steel Frames are fire resistant and much safer that Timber frames.  This will lower your insurance premiums and give you the peace of mind to rest easy.  In the event of a fire your family is much safer as there is less combustible material.

Built to Last – Steel Frames are built to last, it does not warp, twist or shrink.  What this means is that in 30 year’s time your building structure will be as true as the day it was built.  This not only increases the value of your property but saves you from rebuilding certain sections over the years that may have cracked or moved.

Rotting Resistance – Steel frames are impervious to wood rot and leaking pipes.  If your Timber trusses rot you will have to replace them.  Steel Frames on the other hand are made from High Quality Galvanized Steel and are guaranteed to last longer than your house.

Environmentally Friendly – Steel Frames are made from Long Lasting Galvanized Steel.  This material is much more environmentally friendly that using timber which generally comes from unsustainable and illegal sources.  It can also be recycled many times over.

Healthier Choice – Timber requires a variety of treatments to protect it from rotting and termite infestation.  These chemicals are harmful to your health and could represent a health hazard if not properly installed.

Large Scale - Our Factory is able to produce up to 1,000 square metres of LSF - Light Steel Frame®™ per day and can be scaled up to increase production for larger projects that require just in time solutions.

High Quality, Consistent and Less Snags - Our Houses and Roofing Trusses are designed and built using precision engineering with computer aided design and state of the art manufacturing systems to ensure that every product we despatch is comparable to the highest standards worldwide.

General Benefits

Building Benefits

Consumer Benefits

  • Rapid Construction, saving you time and money.
  • Straight Walls and Square Corners
  • Resitant to Termites and other wood boring insects
  • The most cost effective material
  • Easy to Assemble on remote sites
  • Fire Resistant - does not burn or add fuel to the fire
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Lighter and easier to manage than other materials
  • Less likely to subside on poor foundations
  • Flame Resistant
  • Stable Pricing - variations are much more manageable
  • Less probability of damage in high winds
  • Does not Warp, Split or Crack
  • Easy installation of Doors and Windows
  • Screwed together and strong connectivity
  • Environmentally Stable -Does not expand or contract in wet weather
  • Easy Material Selection
  • Not prone to rising damp or fungal problems
  • High Quality Materials to international standards

  • Less likely to crack in seismic activity

Zambezi Roofing & Steel is a proud member of SASFA the Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association and as such is governed by a strict code of ethics and design standards ensuring our technological development is engineered, designed and installed to the highest possible standards.

A Handy Guide to Steel Framing for Contractors is available here