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Zambezi Roofing & Steel is proud to be one of the leading Steel Merchants and Processors in Zambia. In addition to our best in class service we also manufacture several products in house.

Palisade Fencing

We manufacture Palisade Fencing in 3 different styles, 7 Spike, 3 Spike and Flat Top.  We can also manufacture Concave and Convex panels.  You can choose any height and width for a cost effective and visually pleasing security barrier.  Whether you are securing your pool area or fencing a Shopping Mall we have the solution for you.  All our fencing comes spray painted with either Epoxy Grey or Red Oxide.

ZEE_Thru®™ Fencing

This fantastic alternative to our Palisade is both Aesthetically pleasing and highly secure.  Available in 3 alternative apperture's to suit your budget, namely a High Security 76 x 12, a Perimeter 100 x 50 and an Economy 200 x 100. These welded mesh panel systems come with a number of features to ensure your piece of mind.  The Anti Tamper, shear off bolt system and the ability to add the Famous "Zambezi Tiger Spike ™®" further add to the safety and security of your assets.

Zambezi Tiger Spike™®

This product is ideal for boundary walls and provides a cost effective alternative to Glass and Razor Wire.  It is quick to erect and provides an impressive visible and intimidating security barrier.


Extremely Sharp Edges

Spray Painting Optional

Visually Intimidating

Easy to Install

Maintenance Free


Fit to the top cross member of Palisade Fencing

Gates and Fences

Brick Walls

Warning:  We recommend that the Zambezi Tiger Spikes are attached to walls and fences at a minimum height of 2m. The  Wall spikes should avoid any potential contact with Pedestrian traffic and must be installed in compliance with local laws and necessary warning signage.

Lipped Channel

We manufacture C Purlins (Lipped Channel) in a wide variety of sizes and lengths.  Product can be Mild Steel or Galvanised and can be notched and hole punched.  Material of the highest quality sourced from Arcelor Mittal and slit using state of the are CNC Slitting lines.