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SnapLOK®™ Concealed Fix, Standing Seam Roofing System

SnapLOK®™ Standing Seam Concealed Fix Roofing system is a result of years of research in finding the most suitable “Low Pitch” roofing product suitable for the harsh African environment.  It mitigates the effect of thermal expansion and contraction and provides a watertight seal for heavy African rain storms. 

Watertight and Strength

As the sheeting is concealed fixed it means there are no holes in the material that can expand over time.  Due to mitigating thermal contraction and expansion, the fatigue and loosening of fasteners is no longer a concern.  Deep Vertical Ribs and a variety of pan widths (356mm to 610mm) increase water carrying capacity and high volume water run off, making it suitable for heavy downpours.  As an additional option we offer a Mechanical Seaming system that crimps the standing seam for a perfectly sealed overlap.


The SnapLOK®™ sheet’s large water carrying capacity, with a profile depth of 63mm and patented concealed fixing system allow the sheet to be used on low pitched roofs, thereby saving costs on your roof structure and making the product economically attractive.


One of the major benefits of the Zambezi Steel SnapLOK®™ System is the portability.  Our mobile factory comes to you and rolls the product on site.  This gives us the ability to roll longer lengths of material directly onto the roofing structure in one process and avoids costly overlapping of materials and potential leaks.  Transport costs are reduced as are damages arising from transportation and handling.


Because there are no penetrations through the steel when fixing, SnapLOK®™ can be reused if the building is demolished or refurbished. (Does not apply when Mechanically Seamed)

Profile Specifications

Variable width between 356mm and 610mm and a profile depth of 63,5mm 

Minimum Pitch of 1 Degree

Chromadek®™ and AluZINC ISQ 550 materials in a variety of colour options.