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ZamDeck®™ Permanent Concrete Formwork.

High Quality Steel Construction

The versatility and wide-ranging functions of this unique formwork system are a result of using the highest strength grades of steel and thicknesses for the permanent decking and an advanced design that lets ZamDeck®™ panels be supplied in any lengths up to 13m. When produced with the web indentation configuration, the concrete volume and slab weight can be significantly reduced. Also, shear studs can be installed during the fabrication of the structural steel to reduce site costs and installation time.

Overall, ZamDeck®™ delivers outstanding versatility and wide-ranging benefits without compromising strength or quality.  Manufactured in Zambia by Zambezi Steel it is also a product that provides long lasting development in our country.

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ZamDeck®™ offers savings in slab thickness, reduced reinforcing, accelerated installation speed, can be easily handled with manpower, earlier introduction of electrical and plumbing services and eliminates the need to back prop, remove propping or other support methods. The reinforcing is reduced by taking advantage of the longitudinal reinforcing within the product. The typical reinforcing used with ZamDeck®™ includes Conforce or Reinforcing Bar,  and shear stud reinforcing when used with shear studs in steel structures as composite slabs.

The ability to span up to 3m unsupported with a concrete depth of 65mm make our system extremely practical and cost effective.  The variety of thicknesses available of 0,8mm / 1,0mm and 1,2mm and the interlocking functionality make our system the most practical and cost effective available in the Zambian market.

With a 900mm Cover width and 75mm valley depth, you can be rest assured that the economic savings in both concrete and time will provide immediate cost benefits.

Kerb Flashing and Steel Strapping are manufactured and available with your purchase.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative at Zambezi Steel.